Jimmer Fredette Takes Shots At Kings, Says Bulls Play The Right Way



The Bulls desperately need scoring and shooters. Jimmer will be able to provide both off the bench for them.

He didn’t mince any words when speaking about the differences between the Kings and Bulls.

“I see how this team plays and they play hard every single night,” Fredette said. “And they play for each other and they play the right way and that’s kind of something that I was looking for, to come into a team that I could fit in and play the way that I wanted to and play hard every single night and be a part of a team. So I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait to start and get out there and play and see how things go. But I’m really excited to be here.”


  1. That did not sound at all like Jimmer was slamming the kings, but rather he was sounding positive about being with the bulls. However I will slam the Kings. They haven’t had a coach that could take the players that are on that team and make winners out of them in years.

  2. He wasn’t slamming anyone. He was complimenting his new teammates. Everything’s got to be a controversy.

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