Jon Jones Wants Gustafasson to Fight Cormier for #1 Contender Spot

Gustaffson vs Cormier

Jon Jones is trying to set up his exit from the light heavyweight division, but UFC president Dana White won’t make it easy for him.

It’s looking as though Jon Jones’ next four fights are lining up to be Teixeira, Gustaffson, Cormier, and then Cain Velasquez in a heavyweight championship fight. That’s also assuming that Jones is victorious in those 3 fights leading up to his jump to the heavyweight division.

Dana White seems pretty set in his plans for Gustaffson’s next fight being against the Jones vs Teixeira winner, but Jones doesn’t agree with that logic.




Jones is just looking out for what’s best for his career and his future in the UFC. MMA isn’t boxing, even the best fighters eventually take a loss and Jon Jones wants to delay that as much as possible. To be fair both Gusstafason and Cormier are coming off of easy wins against middle of the pack competition. Jon Jones is constantly battling the best and needs longer time to recuperate from his matches.

I’d like to see the DC vs Gustaffson fight and that’d set up a great narrative for Jones to dominate the best at 205 before jumping to a new weight class.