Josh Smith & Rajon Rondo Dream of Playing Together

Josh Smith Rajon Rondo

The Boston Celtics took on the Detroit Pistons yesterday in a matchup of what appears to be two rebuilding franchises, though only one expected to be rebuilding.

After the Celtics traded away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, it was assumed that the franchise was ready to begin a rebuild and expect to lose for the foreseeable future. Couple that with the departure of Doc Rivers to the Clippers, and everybody figured it would be a rough season for the once great team.

The Detroit Pistons however were expected to compete for a playoff spot in the weak eastern conference. After the signings of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings, it was thought that the least they could do was be in a fight for the 3rd seed. Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan though as Joe Dumars has once again fired another coach and according to Broussard’s sources, the Pistons are open to trading Josh Smith.

Which is interesting because Smith let it be known that he has always wanted to play with Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

“The conversation comes up,” Smith said prior to Detroit’s 118-111 loss against the Celtics on March 9, per The Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes. “We always tell each other how surreal a moment that would be for us to be able to reconnect again in that realm.”

“It can be far-fetched, but it could be possible too, at the same time,” Smith added. “I’m always optimistic. I always think of different scenarios. It could happen, but who knows?”

Dan Feldman of NBC Sports‘ Pro Basketball Talk, courtesy of Bleacher Report,  wrote the following of that scenario:

“If they were to join forces in Boston, how about Smith for Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace this summer? Then, the Pistons should have the cap room to make that deal, accepting Wallace’s toxic contract as a tax for upgrading—in age, fit and contract status—from Smith to Green.”

There’s a shot at this happening, I think we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Dumars in Detroit. The Pistons were thought to be in win-now mode, but Dumars could be on his way out and they still have to make a decision on restricted free agent Greg Monroe.

If Boston is interested in taking on Smith’s contract though, Detroit would be smart to explore all avenues.