Kareem Would Like To Own An NBA Team

KAJ, Luck


Kareem has been developing players one on one since his retirement from the NBA so him owning a team doesn’t seem too far fetched.

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, Kareem is interested in taking over a team and having more than just an on court influence.

“Being involved in the business of basketball is something I wouldn’t shy away from,” Abdul-Jabbar said in an exclusive interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal. “But it would have to be a good situation for me. It would depend totally on what the situation was.”

“Something where I had some equity in the team, so that what I would get an opportunity to benefit from it,” he said.

If Abdul-Jabbar does invest in an NBA team, he said he would want to play a role in setting a team’s direction.

“Oh yeah, I’d have to have some say,” he told me. “I wouldn’t have to have all of it.”

“The whole thing about success in professional sports has a lot to do with luck, but you’ve got to put yourself in a position to get lucky,” Abdul-Jabbar said.