Katherine Webb & Friends Hanging Out at the Pool (Photos)


A little something something for the Bros.

Curious what happens when AJ McCarron gets drafted in the middle rounds, if she stays or goes.

Katherine Webb

2 thoughts on “Katherine Webb & Friends Hanging Out at the Pool (Photos)

  • Like most young pretty girls in the U.S. Katherine Webb is an attention whore who will do anything to get money and fame. Katherine leaving McCarron, that’s a done deal. The real question is will Katherine latch onto a A-list pro athlete, or will she hook up with (beard for) a famous hollywood celebrity?

  • She is? Based on your character assessment of her, it’s obvious you
    know Katherine personally. What’s she like? Does she have a favorite
    color? And what does she think of dudes who post ridiculous, judgmental,
    bitter comments on sports sites? Do tell!

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