Ken Griffey Jr. Apologizes to Linda Cohn, But She Should Apologize to Him


It was a crappy interview by Ken Griffey Jr.

No doubt about that, whatever his issue was, if he didn’t want to do the interview or something happened before the interview to make him act like this, he should have expressed that, before going on-air.

Griffey Jr wasn’t professional at all and Cohn during the interview did a very good job trying to keep the interview on track with a guest that was being difficult.

At that point the world would have praised Cohn for her professionalism, but then she did something she didn’t need to do.

Part of professionalism is rolling with the punches, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Cohn did her job on-air, but going on Twitter to call out Griffey Jr, while Retweeting people saying what an awesome job she did, wasn’t a good look and not something Griffey Jr. deserve.  No one knows what caused Griffey Jr. to act the way he did, but it should have been discussed in private and not blasted all over Twitter. Then to take a personal apology and put it out like “LOOK AT ME, I MADE HIM SAY SORRY”, to me was tacky and uncalled for.

She probably won’t apologize to him, but she should. Being a pro isn’t just about what you do while it is going on, but how you handle yourself afterwards.

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