Kid Throws Epic Tantrum to Get Souvenir Baseball (Video)


Earlier today the Dodgers took on Team Australia in an exhibition match as a final tuneup before opening the 2014 MLB season Down Under against the D-Backs. During the game the Team Australia left fielder tracked down a foul ball and went to throw it to a young fan in the stands. Problem was his throw came up a tad short, and when a security guard tracked down the wayward ball and gave it to a different kid, the snubbed youngster threw an epic tantrum because that’s what kids do when they’ve been wronged.

Thankfully for everyone within earshot of this little brat his whining pays off, as the kid who initially got the ball tosses it over to meltdown boy to ease his obvious mental distress. The kid who gave up the ball immediately became Australia’s greatest national hero since Crocodile Dundee.

And here’s a GIF of the the young fan’s epic tantrum, in case you were on the fence about having children someday.