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Kobe on Heat’s Support of Trayvon Martin: I Won’t React Just Because I’m Black

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, March 27th, 2014
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Kobe Bryant Has No Idea When He'll Return.

The New Yorker did a profile on Kobe Bryant that will be coming out on March 31st. In the piece he was asked about the Heat’s support of Trayvon Martin by posting this photo.


Here is what Kobe had to say via Colorlines.

I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”

Opinions can’t be wrong, this is how Kobe feels on the situation, so I won’t just say he is wrong. What I can say in my opinion is that his overall point has validity, but in the specific Trayvon Martin case, it was pretty clear to me that regardless of your race, we all should react.

It doesn’t matter what happened once George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin got into an altercation, the problem will always be Zimmerman profiled a black kid in a neighborhood Zimmerman didn’t think he belong in.

That is something as African-Americans  and Americans in general should be outraged about. Part of progress is when a young black male is seen in an expensive store or nice neighborhood isn’t automatically seen as a criminal, suspicious or dangerous.  I am in my 30’s and I still get followed around stores even though I can afford to buy whatever I like.

I agree with Kobe at times black people just hop on certain bandwagon causes because it is the cool thing to do.  The outrage isn’t sincere, but more so for Twitter RTs and Facebook likes.  We do need to make progress in not seeing every single thing as a racially motivated, but in this specific case we can.

That could have been LeBron’s son or Wade’s son or a younger version of Kobe himself, that was just walking down the street minding his business. So, while I think Kobe’s overall point is valid, knocking the Heat’s show of support wasn’t the progress Bryant is searching for.


Here is what Kobe had to say as the story made its way around the internet.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Coming from a life long Lakers and Kobe fan, I couldn’t be more disappointed in his comments. Like Jordan with his shoes, Kobe is letting money influence his integrity. Black people are no longer monolithic, but very selfish instead. So disappointed in Kobe. It’s

  2. Anon says:

    Good point but I think the Heat support was a pr stunt . Where’s the Heat support for gay marriage ? Where’ s the Heat support for anti-bullying? Where’s the Heat support for Obamacare? This is what every American pushed for right?
    I always thought the Jena 6 was a joke. 6 black boys who beat up a white kid and get treated like victims???!!!!!!!

    • Dyron Beavers says:

      Maybe you should pay closer attention most of them have taken a stand on these issues. Jim Brown,Arthur Ash and Muhammad Ali all would take issue with his self centered and pompous attitude. Kobe does nothing if he’s not the center of attention, and I’m sure he didn’t feel that way when his case hit the national spot light. Get your facts straight about the Jena 6 the white kid instigated the confrontation with one individual.

      • Dan says:

        Is that Jim Brown the woman beater and clay the draft dodger?

        • SERH31143 says:

          There is no doubt that Cassius Clay went to Canada to avoid the draft. However, following is an excerpt from SourceWatch on former President George W. Bush:
          “The subject of George W. Bush’s determined avoidance of military service was called into question during his first presidential race against Democratic candidate Al Gore, and before that during his campaign to replace Ann Richards as Governor of Texas.
          In January 1968 Bush was set to graduate from Yale University, making him eligible for the draft and, in all likelihood, service in Vietnam. Bush sought entry into the officer corps of the Texas Air National Guard, which would minimise his chances of being dispatched to Vietnam. Despite scoring low on the entrance exam, Bush was accepted. The controversy over his military service has concentrated on whether his father, George Herbert Walker Bush who was a U.S. Congressman at the time, exerted influence to ensure his son obtained a ‘soft’ posting in the National Guard.”
          Other famous draft dodgers also listed on the internet:
          Bill Clinton
          Tom Delay
          Karl Rove
          Dick Cheney
          Pat Buchanan
          Sean Hannity
          Rush Limbaugh (cyst on his a** and a “football knee”)
          Clarence Thomas
          Ted Nugent
          Donald Trump
          My favorite, Sylvester Stallone! He fled the country and went to Sweden to coach girls volleyball.
          So, as you can see, Cassius Clay was not the only one who avoided the draft.

    • Marty says:

      You comparing gay marriage to the unfortunate death of a boy? How ridiculous. And for the other issues, you need to keep up. There are players on the HEAT and other teams supporting each. Watch the commercial for the ACA! C’mon! Think and READ.

    • Kobe & clan, had better just stick to playing BB.

  3. Jeff says:

    I dont see them supporting the victims of the knockout game. Or supporting the college baseball player murdered by a few black kids because they were “bored’. Always so quick to jump the aid of a fellow black person though.

  4. michael w says:

    why in the world would lebron, wade et al need a publicity stunt?…they are world champs…i wonder why kobe would take the middle here…perhaps its because he still walks a thin line as an accused rapist?..

    • Marty says:

      Let us not forget….Kobe did spend a lot of time, in his early years, out of this country. I can give him the benefit of the doubt, for not understanding racism and white supremacy. But, d@mn , can’t a brother read? D@mn good skills for the court, but……I’m just saying.

  5. Anon II says:

    I’m not sure I see where Kobe is “knocking the Heat’s show of support” in the small blurb highlighted above – the Miami Heat weren’t mentioned. He said it is about the FACTS. I believe he isn’t talking only about the Martin tragedy, but projecting a global perspective on how societal ills when they have possible racial undertones should be viewed.

  6. Russ says:

    Robert Littal – You just like to whine and keep things stirred up? Kobe is right – 100%.

    With your opinion and a few bucks maybe you can get a cup of coffee somewhere.

  7. david says:

    Spoken by a guy who raped a girl in CO. Kobe is a great basketball player but the idea of him being a spokesman for the black community is a joke. Kobe is still upset at the black community for not supporting him after he raped the girl in CO. Kobe is a great basketball player but an overall bad guy. We demonize guys like OJ and Incognito but we give criminal like Kobe awards. Remember we sent this guy to the Olympics on more than one occasion to represent our country. Point blank Kobe is a bad guy and people look past it because he wins Basketball games. Our society as a whole should be ashamed of itself.

    • Sean says:

      If he raped that woman why did she eventually drop the law suite when it was proven she was just a slut. Dude Kobe doesn’t have to rape anyone. Sluts all over the country and dropping their panties every chance the get because he’s a professional athlete. You’re a fucking moron bro.

  8. Doug says:

    For centuries ‘Hoods’ have been used to hide and deceive. From ancient times, to the KKK to today’s Gangsta’s and wanna be’s.
    This statement by the Heat does nothing but support a negative stereotype.
    I’m not a big Kobe fan, but I do respect his very objective opinion on this matter…and not falling into the same wasteland that seems to capture many.

  9. Sean says:

    Zimmerman didn’t profile and confront Martin just because he was a black kid in his neighborhood. Martin was caught looking into car windows and casing houses on multiple occasions but other people, not just Zimmerman. Zimmerman repeatedly reported this to police but nothing was being done. When he drove up to his house and saw this punk kid casing another house he confronted him and chased after him while on the phone with police. Have you seen the pictures of Zimmerman’s face? Martin beat the absolute shit out of him. Zimmerman had every right to shoot that piece of shit before he was killed. Would you shoot someone if you felt your life was in danger? Picture someone on top of you raining down elbows and punches and tell me you wouldn’t defend yourself. Get the facts straight before you write garbage like this.

    • Steve says:

      BAM!!! Someone who makes sense and knows the facts FINALLY!

    • lefaye says:

      Sean, all I want to know if your are an racist? You don’t like African American people do you. Would you say the same thing if Travon was white? Just want to know. Don’t be shy. By the way I am white American.

  10. you're all idiots says:

    I can play too. Correct Zimmerman didnt profile solely because Martin was black, but because OTHERS had broke into house the same ones that Martin was “CASING” , normal people would say looking around. So while Martin was walking and looking he noticed a creep staring and following him. This creep was Zimmerman who ignored an actual authority and chased after Martin, the boy who was walking and looking after he got off of phone with dispathcer who told him not to pursue because real authorities were coming. Have you heard that Martin is dead and seen his dead body. Zimmerman killed the shit out of him.Martin had every right to beat that piece of shit up. So on the flip side, would you beat someone if your like was in danger. Picture this, a stranger without any id of supposed authority followed you with a gun and corners you, tell me you wouldnt defend yourself. Get your facts straight before writing garbage like this.

    • Sean says:

      Your response is comical. You clearly don’t know anything about the story. You’re just another dumb fuck who thinks they know everything. In all reality no one knows the truth on what happened we can only go on what’s been reported. Martin was not “just walking down the street”. That gangster wunna-be was actively out looking for shit he could steal and/or break into. I don’t blame Zimmerman for being pissed and chasing after him. The cops don’t give a shit if his house or car get broken into. Marin would have been long gone before they even left the doughnut shop. Clearly, you’ve never had it happen to you. Zimmerman didn’t “corner Martin with a gun”. The gun was concealed until Zimmerman had no choice but to use it. Why did Martin run when he saw Zimmerman if he wasn’t doing anything wrong? Do you automatically run when you see people look at you while you’re casually walking down the street? You’re a fucktard man and you’re a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country.

    • Steve says:

      you are all idiots, but you are the biggest of them all! Idiot

    • Murph says:

      Get the facts straight. Zimmerman was advised by a dispatcher not to follow. He had disengaged by the time Martin attacked. Martin had him on his back delivering MMA style blows. There was a witness to it. Zimmerman pulled out his licensed gun and fired one shot that killed Martin. Martin wasn’t some cute kid. He was a thug and gangsta wannabe.

  11. HOPE says:

    I think Kobe implying that the Heat took it as a racial issue and took a stand because Martin is black is wrong. Several Heat players expressed their grief & concerns about the heartbreaking death of Martin because they are fathers and are raising young American males in America and feel that this could happen to them if things don’t change. They have loud voices because of how affluent they are in the media so they felt that they could make a difference by expressing themselves this way. So Kobe should follow his own advise and analyze the facts because making such a ridiculous comment about a group of people who were moved to take a stand from the tragic murder of an unarmed American teenager walking home alone on a rainy night. I have a 14-year old son and I feel like my husband and I are cheating him out of a normal childhood because we don’t let him out of our sight because of these types of tragedies and it’s sad. So, if Kobe doesn’t think this is a societal issue when your child leaves home and returns dead, then he is sadly mistaken.

    • jesus wiLL HANDLE IT says:

      Sean, all I want to know if your are an racist? You don’t like African American people do you. Would you say the same thing if Travon was white? Just want to know. Don’t be shy. By the way I am white American.


      Hello Hope, I totally agree with you. Let us do a 360 degree turn with my daughter at the wheel, coming home late one night at about 2:30 a.m. in her car. Police follows her about one mile, then decides to turn on his light. After pulling her over, he calls 3 other police cars. They commenced to search her vehicle, take her divers license and make her get out of the car and pat her down without another female police officer present. After she asked why she was pulled over, the police officer said she was weaving in and out. After asking her numerous questions, they said that they were going to let her go. After she asked for her drivers license back, he stated that he did not know if he should give it back to her. He said this with all of the other police officers laughing. My daughter came home in tears and told me what happened. She wanted to file an complaint for harassment. After following the Trayvonn Martin trial, I told my daughter that we were going to just let it go, because I did not want the harrassment from law officials and frankly speaking, I was just scared. I have lived a peaceful life all of my life and just did not want to deal with the racist bastards and the police department. By the way this was about 2 weeks after Zimmerman was acquitted. Hope, what can we do as a society? There are billions of people in this world with different personalities and ways of thinking. I personally do not think this world will never get any better until God and his son take over. Do you agree?

  12. anon3 says:

    Everybody’s made good points but since Trayvon is dead we will never know what really happened. We only know Zimmerman’s side of what happened.

  13. Rob says:

    This case sounds like he was walking around hard in the wrong hood. If some dude was walking around on my street with a hood on, and we didn’t know him, I know he would get delt with by some OG hustlers around here. People get killed for less. Also with all the robberies I’ve seen, they all been whering hoodies. Hoodies on around here is a red flag. And that heat pic looks like they ready to do business.

  14. JayJayJo says:

    Kobe is by far a better leader than Obama. Very well said and to the point.

  15. Stevie BBB says:

    “the problem will always be Zimmerman profiled a black kid in a neighborhood Zimmerman didn’t think he belong in”

    What a joke of a statement. This is your opinion, nothing more. The courts disagree with that statement so maybe you should report facts instead of agendas. Ignorance is bliss!

  16. AK says:

    Nice that you can afford anything you want in the store…class act.

  17. Marty says:

    Let us not forget….Kobe did spend a lot of time, in his early years, out of this country. I can give him the benefit of the doubt, for not understanding racism and white supremacy. But, d@mn , can’t a brother read? D@mn good skills for the court, but……I’m just saying.
    Read more at http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2014/03/kobe-on-heats-support-of-trayvon-martin-i-wont-react-just-because-im-black/#c7vMFD0tlK4PCe9l.99

  18. surfrunner says:

    the real problem is the fact that our community lets our young men glamorize the thug,(using their new word), look.
    if one of us is walking down the street and notice a group of white teens dressed in grimy dark clothing, combat boots and shaved heads, whats going through our heads. I can bet you its not that we think those boys are positive productive members of society. so lets stop kidding ourselves, as long as we adults allow our children to embrace the gangsta lifestyle, the rest of society will continue to see and treat us all as nga’s

  19. Brian says:

    “Zimmerman profiled a black kid in a neighborhood Zimmerman didn’t think he belong in.” When the author of the article has his facts wrong it leads to confusion. Zimmerman profiled a person in a hoodie(identity concealed) as others have posted which is common for someone going to do something that they wouldn’t want to be able to be identitified. When you go in a bank and some stores hats, hoodies and sunglasses, masks are prohibited just for that purpose.

  20. Retrograde says:

    Listen, opinions are like a-holes that everyone has, right? Bottomline with this Zimmerman crap, look this guy is a community watchman, right, okay…So, his purpose to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and report it to law enforcment in an attempt to keep the neighborhood safe. So, if Zimmerman thought Martin was suspicious looking (right or wrong) that is his perogative (a probably the reason he never made it to the police academy). Nonetheless, whether Martin was “casing” houses or cars is a bit irrelevant, here’s why, until Martin makes an affirmative step towards committing a crime (e.g. breaking into a house or car) simply looking around is not a crime. Moreover, Zimmerman followed Martin and questioned him in an aggressive manner (after law enforcement told him not to engage Martin). Because Martin was killed by Zimmerman, we don’t know the whole facts as to why they got to fighting and when Zimmerman actually shot him (Yes, we have Zimmerman’s account, but this guy was on trial for his life, do you really think he told the truth?). People take sides on everything from sports to what is the best way to make lasagna, so this is no different. People don’t like to see other people get preferential treatment and other people don’t like to get singled out indiscriminately, obviously this is a societal issue that will not be fixed with a single court case. The first step in fixing this particular issue is to first acknowlege that it exists, then reasonable minds to discuss how to permanently resolve it.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Looks like the pro Trevon Martin people don’t have all the facts! Here are a couple… He was kicked out of two hi schools for stealing and violence . He had text messages on his phone trying to sell a handgun, and people wanted him to teach them how to fight! Sounds like he was already down the thug road! Also to say he was picking up skittles and ice tea? Throw some cough medicine in with both of those and u make sizzer!! Gets you hi!!! Trevon had 4 minutes after he was being followed to get home! He didn’t .. He circled around and confronted George! The facts are facts!! Quit race bating and figure why 80% of blacks are not divorced or not together at all? There is way more black on black crime them white on black! Racism goes both ways

    • AND..... says:

      WHAT DO THIS HAVE TO DO WITH GOING HOME AND MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS. Did you check out Zimmerman background. Oh, by the way, his wife has divorced him, and she believes he profiled that poor child.

  22. Speedle says:

    This affirms that there is hope for black Americans “getting it”. Kobe understands that reinforcing degenerate cultural habits and bad behavior by defaulting to “racism” is a dead end strategy for blacks.

    Whaever Zimmerman was (is) is beside the point. Martin was clearly a punk, and the last thing anyone with any brains or foresight should be doing is immortalizing him. It makes those who do that look brick stupid, and reinforce that stereotype therof.

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