Kyrie Irving on Potentially Being Traded: “That’s Blasphemy”


Kyrie Irving is a two time all-star, the new epitome of the new age point guard and yet he still has to deal with his own share of trade speculation.

In a video interview via USA Today, Irving blasted the idea of him getting traded, calling it “blasphemy.”

“I’m on my rookie deal,” Irving said in a video interview via USA Today. “The team that can extend me is the Cleveland Cavaliers, and, you know, for me to even think about getting traded is blasphemy. It’s ridiculous.”

Irvin is still under contract through the 2014-15 season, which gives Cleveland the opportunity to sign him to a long-term extension.

Even if Irvin refuses an extension, he’d simply become an restricted free agent, and the Cavs would surely match any offer.