Lance Stephenson Had Kid at 9pm, But Still Made it To The Club by 12

You can’t say Lance Stephenson is not a man of his word.

Stephenson had a paid appearance at Greenhouse in NYC on March 18th.

Lance Stephenson Club

One small problem though, his baby mama Feby Torres had a baby at 9:18pm

Feby Torres

No worries though, because according to TMZ Sports, Lance was about to pull double duty.

Sources at the club tell us he rolled in late Tuesday night around midnight — and popped Bottega Rose champagne and sipped on D’Ussé cognac with some of his pals from the Pacers.

But after he put in his time at the club, we’re told Lance returned to the hospital to be with his family.

Pacers went on to lose the following night to the Knicks, but that was more because of Paul George than Stephenson who had a good game.

Congrats to him on the little bundle of joy.