Larry Brown Says College Is The Greatest Minor League System

Larry Brown SMU

Larry, don’t let the NCAA hear you calling college a minor league system. Remember, they’re “student” athletes. *snickers*

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown was recently asked about Mark Cuban’s stance that basketball players with NBA potential would fare better in the D-League than in college and the SMU head coach no one’s surprise completely disagreed.

“I admire him and I think he’s one of the bright guys we have in our profession, but that was the worst thing I heard.”

“They don’t teach guys how to play, in my mind,” Brown said of the D-League. “The head coaches in the NBA and a lot of the assistants do, but [college basketball] is the greatest minor league system in the world. If you didn’t go to one class and just live in a college environment, then you’re way ahead. And I think most coaches are responsible enough to make them go to class, make them go to study hall, give them life lessons.

“How about being around [SMU assistants] Eric Snow and George Lynch? Those two guys played 13, 14 years in the league, have families, are successful. In all honesty, I love Mark, but [college basketball] is pretty good.

“Now, it’s our job to make [players] realize getting an education is something that’s important, because here’s the deal: Life after basketball is a real long time.”

Both Cuban and Brown have very good points. Whether going straight to the D-League/NBA or college helps develop players is very much up for debate, but what isn’t is that this one-year requirement isn’t helping the them, college hoops, or the NBA.

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  • Please ask your boss Robert to do a story on the amount of money the NCAA Tournament will make this year. How much money will CBS make? How much money will TNT make? How much money will the universities make? How much money will advertisers spend? Then compare those numbers to how much the players make. After all, the majority of college basketball players are black! I want to know.

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