Larry Fitzgerald Tells D Hall, Crabtree & Sherman Not to Fight at Softball Game

Larry Fitzgerald Wayne Manor

They have to televise this softball game on The WWE Network right?

While DeAngelo Hall was on the radio this morning he explained that Fitzgerald didn’t want any shenanigans are his charity softball game. Here is what Hall had to say via the DC Sports Blog.

“You know, I had Larry Fitzgerald call me,” Hall went on. “I’m supposed to be in his softball game this summer. The same softball game that Sherman and [Michael] Crabtree got into it at. And [Fitzgerald] said hey, you know Crabtree’s gonna be there, Sherman’s gonna be there, you’re gonna be there, I don’t want any trouble. It’s not that kind of party bro. And I just kind of told him how it went down and he understood….

Not saying these guys aren’t tough, but they are more talkers than fighters, so I don’t think Fitz has anything to worry about.

H/T Big Lead