LeBron Fighting to Keep Black Mask; NBA Asks Him to Wear Clear One

The NBA is just flat out wrong with this one.

LeBron’s black mask is cool.  Fans like it, media likes it and even if you dislike LeBron, it gives him a more villainous tone. All this is good for the NBA, but alas they are trying to force him to change it.

“It is our understanding LeBron used the black mask because a clear one he was comfortable with wasn’t ready,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

James appealed the decision and is still trying to get clearance to wear the black mask because he likes the lightness and fit of it, a source said. He also said he liked the style and how it matched the Heat’s black throwback uniforms.

Hopefully the NBA will do the right thing, turn a blind eye to this and let LeBron keep the R Kelly mask.

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31 thoughts on “LeBron Fighting to Keep Black Mask; NBA Asks Him to Wear Clear One

  • Black man wearing a black mask scares white folks. It’s just that simple! Black man wearing a clear mask makes some white people feel a little bit safer.

  • NBA tells Lebron he can’t wear a black mask. NBA does not want players to dress like gangster rappers, but they have no problem playing rap music at the arenas. Nevertheless, I would rather play in the NBA than the NFL!

  • He should be allowed to wear a different mask why – just because he’s LeBron. The NBA is correct that mask is scaring children.

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