Lebron Gets Childhood Friend’s Song On NBA 2K14 (Video)

Lebron seems to get it.

I’ve always admired the fact that he takes pride in helping his childhood friends – not with handouts, but with career opportunities.

TMZ reports that the Heat star recently aided a childhood friend’s rap career by getting his song on the NBA 2K14 soundtrack.

Sian says LeBron hasn’t just been supportive of his aspiring rap career — but when LBJ learned he’d be on the cover of 2K14, he did everything he could to help get Sian’s track “Almost Home” on the game.

“I’d been submitting my stuff to 2K, and then I found out LeBron was gonna be on the cover,” Sian said.

Sian says he was gonna hit up James to help him out — but when he grabbed his phone he already had a text from the Heat star that said, “‘I wanna get you on the game.”

“He thought of me before I could say anything.”

Eventually, LeBron called him back with the good news — “He said ‘the people from ’14 have been calling you. They picked your song!”

Sian says he expects to release his album soon

One thought on “Lebron Gets Childhood Friend’s Song On NBA 2K14 (Video)

  • Instead of hiring the usual suspects Lebron sent his friends to school so they could learn how to handle his money and manage his career. He really should be given a lot more credit as a job creator and a good person. More athletes and entertainers should try to do what Lebron did instead of just giving your family and friends lump sums of cash they will blow through. Give them training and careers.

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