Lions Want Nick Fairley To Lose Some Belly Fat


Nick Fairley has all the tools to be an all pro defensive tackle.

Does he have the heart and desire is the question?

The Lions are a few weeks away from their “voluntary” offseason conditioning program, and sources say that they’ve already made it clear how truly “voluntary” they are for certain people.

According to Kyle Meinke of, the Lions want Nick Fairley to volunteer more often for the voluntary off-season workout schedule.

“As I told him, I’d like to see his commitment to the offseason program improve, and see him on a consistent basis,” General Manager Martin Mayhew said recently. “It’s voluntary, but if he’s not training with us, I’d like to see him training somewhere.”

Mayhew said he’d like to see Fairley “reposition” some of his weight, or in nice terms, lose some of the belly fat. 

“This guy has an immeasurable amount of talent, and it’s my job to get it out of him,” new coach Jim Caldwell said. “And that’s the key. And I think he’s capable. I also think he’s willing. So we’ll see how that goes.”