Louisville and UK are Preparing for Couch Burning Victories

UK vs Louisville NCAA Sweet Sixteen

Whoever wins, Kentucky or Louisville, there will be couch burnings and chaos. If you have not been in this rivalry atmosphere…you have no idea how crazy it can get. Louisville nicely asked students to take care of their furniture.

While in Lexington, police are taking the necessary steps to keep the city from “burning down” if UK wins. Yes, the newspaper I work for had a reporter go to the Lexington Police Department press conference specifically to find out what they will do to prepare for Friday’s game.

I attend the University of Kentucky and let me tell you, I’ve never personally experienced a GIGANTIC group of people all go nuts until the Final Four game vs. Louisville. Televisions were burned, couches were torched and red cars were flipped. Kids were climbing up flagpoles, individuals were heavily intoxicated, police swat crew were around…craziness. It was a once in a lifetime experience and for the most part it was pretty safe.

But, if they think that nothing will be lit on fire, thrown or trashed…..they are kidding themselves.

As a treat, here is a photo from Lex 18, two photos I took, a photo from a friend and an interesting Lexington police scanner from 2012. But, don’t be fooled, Lexington was not burning down, people were not all this crazy and a majority of people were just jumping up and down and having a good time. We shall see how rowdy it gets in Louisville or Lexington soon.

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