Lovie Smith: Bucs Roster Not Set With My System in Mind


Whenever a new coaching staff comes in to a team, it’s safe to say that the team’s current setup is probably not what the new coaches will deem as ideal. This is the case for the Bucs and Lovie Smith according to NBC Sports.

“We have systems that we want to run and this roster wasn’t set up with our systems in mind,” Smith said. “Not that it’s going to be that different, but we have some changes we have to make.”

The biggest question is whether Mike Glennon, who ended last season as the starting quarterback, is a fit for what Smith and Tedford want. Smith said Glennon hasn’t proven yet that he’s a franchise quarterback, and that means the Bucs are on the lookout for a veteran to sign.

“To say right now that Mike is the answer and he’s our quarterback of the future and we’re going to build around him and give him a 20-year contract, we’re not there,” Smith said. “I like him as one of our quarterbacks right now, but we’re going to have at least four in camp and at least one [veteran] will be in the mix. And then you just let it all play out.”

Free agency will be a huge factor for Lovie Smith and the Bucs, as we expect to see roster changes that will add players who mesh well into Smith’s systems.