Maidana: “I Can Knock Out Mayweather”

Adrien Broner Marcos Maidana

Mayweather has an underrated chin, but his talent is in his ability to not take clean punches. He also has the unique ability to make high volume punches like Maidana hesitant to throw punches.

Maidana is saying all the right things, but it would be a shock if he did any better than the fighters before him.

Here is what he said courtesy of Boxing Scene.

“I respect him very much as a boxer. He chose me. He must know that I earned this position, that I deserved the opportunity. I earned it with my last four fights. To beat him, it is necessary to fight with everything. Robert García, my trainer in the United States, has been a big help to me. In the last fight, he made corrections [with me],” Maidana said.

“I wanted to earn this fight to remain in the history of Argentine boxing. That’s why I wanted this fight very much. It is a very big opportunity for me. I believe that with the type of punches that I throw, I can knock him out.”