Mark Cuban Says Eastern Conference Teams Are “Absolutely” Tanking

Mark Cuban says eastern conference teams are tanking.

Mark Cuban may be the best soundbite in all of sports at this rate.

In a Wednesday appearance on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption”, Cuban was open about his thoughts on tanking in the NBA.

There’s no suggestion. It’s an absolute. But when you have so many teams tank, that creates a problem because they all have to play each other. And so you’re gonna have bad teams beating bad teams that make the playoffs with good records and are not going to get the draft pick they expect. When one team takes on a strategy and you’re an exception, it can work. When a lot of teams are following the same strategy, it’s not gonna work. So I’m happy to let teams tank, it’s more W’s for us.

 Cuban makes a valid point here. If everybody is doing the same thing, who is really gaining an advantage?

2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Says Eastern Conference Teams Are “Absolutely” Tanking

  • The 2014 draft class is weak! Teams that are tanking are wasting their time!

    • Cuban is just running his mouth without any concrete evidence to back it up. His Dallas Mavericks are a joke really doesn`t matter if they are in the Eastern Conference, or the Western Conference. He tanks every time he opens his mouth and is fined. He tanks in that way kind of like the Mavericks.

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