Martinez Rematch, Not GGG, is Chavez’s Best Option


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. proved that he was a better fighter than Bryan Vera last night and now it’s time for him to avenge the only loss of his career.

Chavez called out middleweight champion Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin after his victory last night, but Chavez’s best opportunity lies in a rematch with Sergio Martinez. Martinez narrowly escaped their first match-up with the victory after a marvellous Chavez 12th round power display. Martinez had done enough technically to win the fight up to that point though and Chavez was handed his first and only loss.

If Martinez defeats Cotto in June it’d set up Chavez Jr. for a nice pay day this fall and the opportunity to capture another middleweight title. Sergio’s skills are on the decline and Chavez is young enough to capitalize on the lack of Sergio’s stamina.

A fight with GGG would likely lead to another loss for Chavez and the unexpected death of Golovkin’s father has him on an indefinite hiatus. Chavez will likely have to wait in either case and it makes sense to wait for a possible victory than an inevitable loss.