Merril Hoge Mad At 1st Take For Saying He’d Take Michael Sam Over Clowney


We seem to have some type communication error going on at ESPN, and we’re here to help clear it up.

Merril Hoge is steaming mad and ESPN’s First take may be to blame.

Hoge was a guest on the debate based show this morning where he discussed the NFL Draft of course and the overall potential of one Jadeveon Clowney.

During the broadcast, the team running First Take’s twitter account sent out this Tweet.

“I would take @MikeSamFootball over @clownejd.” –

— ESPN First Take (@ESPN_FirstTake) March 21, 2014

That tweet has since been removed.

Hoge himself then took to Twitter to clarify his alleged statement.

Before we get into the conversation of irresponsible journalism or misleading titles, lets first remember that the show Hoge was on provided the title for every media site to run with.

Hoge’s beef is with First Take and First Take only.   It seems the former NFL running back had no interest in taking the heat for such a trollish over the top statement.

Hoge had no problem saying with his chest that Johnny Manziel would be a bust.

2 thoughts on “Merril Hoge Mad At 1st Take For Saying He’d Take Michael Sam Over Clowney

  • Shock here, ESPN puts out the wrong data to help get the hottest track on Twitter. They need to either clean up, or just embrace what they have become, E! News for sports. FOX Sports need to succeed so we can finally be relieved of this station.

  • This just in… one gives a $hit

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