Metta World Peace Says Knicks Didn’t Want Him To Be A Leader

Metta, Luck

Outside of his antics, Metta World Peace has established himself as one of the NBA’s best defensive players with extensive experience in the NBA, so having him help lead a team isn’t too far fetched.

Metta World Peace spoke with the NY Post and expressed his thoughts when he was told to not only ride the bench but to tone done his locker room presence.

“He had his set rotation and I wasn’t in it,’’ World Peace told The Post by phone from his Beverly Hills home. “I played in Orlando only because [Iman] Shumpert was out. I asked my agent to be professional, respectful, and ask questions, and my agent said, ‘I think it’s best to try to get a buyout and get ready for the next opportunity.’

“I didn’t mind playing any role, but I didn’t see myself having a role, not even a leadership role,’’ World Peace said. “I was fine with being on the bench, but at times I wanted to help lead. But at times I tried to lead, it was met with resistance. I backed off a little and tried to blend in with the team. I tried to find where I could complement the players but I couldn’t find any room to complement.’’

Having the veteran experience the Metta provides could be a huge help to a team. Having his former LA coach Phil Jackson, one would wonder if Peace will change his mind about leaving the Knicks.