Michael Vick Would Welcome DeSean Jackson To Jets

Could Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson reunite in the Big Apple?

During his first interview as a New York Jets quarterback, Vick told a media conference call that He’d welcome DeSean Jackson to the Jets with open arms.

“[I]f there’s an opportunity to get DeSean, I’m pretty sure the New York Jets fans would be in favor of that,” Vick said. “But who knows, it takes a lot to make a trade happen [with] all of the intricacies of a contract. It’s not for us as players to decide. But hopefully everything will work out for DeSean. If he ends up in New York, we’ll be happy, just as happy as he will be. But who knows, you can’t say.”

With Eric Decker already on deck, I’m not sure the Jets can afford to spend $10 million per on two wide receivers.