Michigan AD says No Alcohol will be Sold at The Big House

The Big House

The University of Michigan will not open up the football stadium to alcohol sales, per athletic director Dave Brandon.

Brandon was speaking on the situation recently, and let it be known that the largest college football stadium in the country will refrain from selling alcohol. It had done it recently on January 1st for the NHL’s Winter Classic.

“You’ve got to set up places to vendor this stuff and you’ve got to make sure you’re selling it to the right people, not the wrong people, and then you’ve got to deal with all the ramifications of alcohol being served in an area where you’ve got a lot of young people and a lot of underage people,” he said.

“Sometimes people lose track of the fact that we have to organize and manage 110,000 to 115,000 people all in one tight space, and get them in there and out of there safely,” he said. “I don’t think serving alcohol is going to make that job any easier.”

Given his reasoning, I don’t think anyone can have a huge issue with Michigan’s choice on this topic.

I spend a lot of time in Ann Arbor, I can say that for the most part alcohol isn’t hard to find on a college campus. But kudos to Brandon for not adding to it by making sure it isn’t done inside the stadium.