Mike Williams’ Brother Allegedly Stabbed Him Over Bentley Argument


When a Bentley is involved anything can happen.

Larry Brown Sports brings us the news courtesy of Tampa Bay Times of what really happened between Bucs Mike Williams and his brother Eric Baylor.

Not surprisingly Williams didn’t just accidentally fall on the knife.

The first account comes from Clermon Vaughn the carpet cleaner who was at the home during the incident.

“Next thing I know,” Vaughn said, Williams and his younger brother, Eric Baylor, were arguing loudly in the foyer, then physically fighting. Then he thought Baylor had punched Williams, until he saw the small knife — “a paring knife, maybe three-four inches from the handle, like you’d cut an apple with,” he would recall — fall out of Baylor’s hand and onto the floor.

“It went in him pretty good, I believe, from the amount of blood that was shooting everywhere,” said Vaughn, who said Williams yelled to him to “call the ambulance and call the police.”

William Carter was another cleaner at the home.

“They were arguing. Mike was mad, and they got into it,” said Carter, who said Baylor had damaged a Bentley automobile that belonged to Williams, the back window knocked out. “Mike wasn’t the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset about that and he told him to get out.”

Vaughn said the argument had escalated quickly. “He didn’t come in the house upset,” he said. “The mood wasn’t that something was about to happen.”

“There was hollering,” he said. “For a long time, they were talking back and forth to each other. Next thing I know, I see the man’s hand come out and stab him in the leg.”

The witnesses said after Baylor stabbed Williams he panicked and then left the scene.

He turned himself into police and has been released on bond.