Mike Woodson: I Can Teach The Triangle Offense


Mike Woodson wants badly to keep his job, and who wouldn’t.

Not every coach in the NBA, or the leagues history has had the opportunity to work and coach basketball in one of the worlds great cities.

Woodson, whether he wants to admit it or not, is auditioning for new team president, Phil Jackson. According to Pro Basketball Talk, the embattled head coach lobbied a little bit through the media, for the opportunity to try and run the system Jackson prefers.

“Could I teach it? Absolutely I can teach it,” Woodson said. “But it’d be even better if he helped me teach it. That would be great. Who would be better in teaching the Triangle than Phil Jackson? So if that might be the case and I get that opportunity, sure. I know I can teach the Triangle offense. It’s basketball. It’s what we do.”

I’m sure Woodson could teach it, I just find unlikely that he’ll get the opportunity to.