Mike Woodson Upset Joakim Noah Is Recruiting Melo To Bulls

Bulls vs Knicks

I see where Mike Woodson is coming from, but he should be more focused on the job at hand, and finishing it out strong.

According to the New York Post, Woodson took exception to a report Bulls center Joakim Noah tried to recruit Carmelo Anthony to Chicago during All-Star weekend, calling it illegal and a form of tampering.

“I’m not going to get into all of that. You know legally nobody can recruit anyone. You can’t do that at this point,” Woodson said Thursday during his weekly radio spot on ESPN Radio. “Melo is still wearing a Knicks uniform, and I hope he stays with the Knicks for the rest of his career. I’ve always said that. So whatever was said between Noah and the Chicago Bulls, that’s on them.”

Woodson of course heard the same report that everone else did in regards to Noah allegedly telling Anthony, “If you want to win a ring, if you want your legacy to be about winning, come to Chicago.”

The NBA has not released a statement on the matter.