Mizzou Player Missing SEC Tourney For Not Paying His Rent

Tony Criswell Rent

There have been a lot of weird excuses for players missing games. This one is a mixture of funny and sad.

Missouri forward Tony Criswell will not be joining the team for the SEC tournament. All because he owes $2700 in back rent. No seriously. From the St Louis Post Dispatch:

“He’s got some things he’s got to take care of back in Columbia,” said Haith, who declined to elaborate.

According to court documents, the Boone County Court Associate Circuit Division ruled last Thursday that Criswell owed $2,717.57 in unpaid rent, plus an additional $823 in attorney fees and court costs.

Even though they are on the bubble the 6’9″ swingman doesn’t seem to be much of a factor on the team so they shouldn’t miss him too much. Still though, I am sure his teammates are having fun with this one.