Muhammad Ali and Kevin Durant Take A Picture

One poised with the talent to be one of the greatest and one that already is.

Muhammad Ali is in attendance at tonight’s Suns/Thunder game and prior to it Kevin Durant got to meet the legend and posted this picture on Instagram.


One thought on “Muhammad Ali and Kevin Durant Take A Picture

  • I have to get this off of my chest because it pisses me off! I’m sick and tired of all of these white people acting like they love Ali! Forty years ago, these same white people hated Ali because of everything he stood for. Ali preached black power, black unity, black love and like Dr. King, he vehemently protested the Vietnam war. These Uncle Ruckus, sell out black athletes don’t have the balls to do what Ali did. Now for some reason, white people want to call Ali the greatest. I can’t stand these damn crooked hypocrites!

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