NDSU Locker Room Dance is a Sight to Behold (Video)

NDSU Dance

First, can someone fly a barber out to Spokane to give these kids a proper haircut.  I understand it is hard finding barbers in North Dakota.  Secondly, I love the dance event though I have no idea what they are doing.

With that being said, it has to be a great feeling to pull an upset in the tournament.

If anyone can ID the dance I’d appreciate it.  Right now, we think it might be the Elaine dance.

H/T @cjzero

One thought on “NDSU Locker Room Dance is a Sight to Behold (Video)

  • They play the game as a team. They wear their hair as the men they are. We are all proud of them. Win or lose they are Bison! Go BISON!

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