NFL Draft Prospects & Young Hip-Hop Stars Have A Lot in Common


“I swear sports and music are so synonymous, Cause we want to be them and they want to be us.” – Drake

As the NFL Draft approaches it’s easy to fall into the same ritual of just putting out Mock Drafts every 2 days like some other sites, but why do that when we can have some fun?

Since hip-hop and sports are so closely tied to each other now-a-days we put together a list of 2014 NFL Draft prospects that remind us of young rappers. This isn’t about looks though, it’s about talent and how they’re NFL career projects.

Johny Manziel - Drake

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This was the most obvious choice on the list. Money Manziel lives life like a rapper and even has Drake’s OVO crew tattooed on his wrist. The two have a very public friendship but their styles actually mirror each other. Johnny is a duel threat and so is Drake. Manziel can throw and run against any defense (LSU excluded) and Drake can flow & sing on any track.


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