Pau Gasol: Phil Jackson Is Worth Every Cent


New Knicks President Phil Jackson continues to get glowing reviews from everyone who gets asked about his joining the Knicks organization.

Pau Gasol was asked about the Jackson hire, and told ESPN L.A. that the Knicks are “fortunate” to have Jackson, and that he’ll be worth every cent of the $60 million he’s going to collect.

“I think the Knicks are fortunate to have him,” the Los Angeles Lakers big man said after practice Tuesday. “I know they gave him a big contract and a big investment, but I think he’s worth every cent of it.”

We knew Gasol would endorse Jackson.

Pau’s game hasn’t been the same since Jackson walked away from the Lakers.   Gasol played under Jackson in L.A. from 2008-11 and reached three NBA Finals while winning two championships in the process.

The soon to be free agent big man said it will take some adjusting seeing Jackson working on the opposite coast.

“It’s weird,” Gasol said. “It’s weird to see him with a Knick logo behind him in the picture today. But I know he’s in a good place.”

I wonder how weird it will be when Jackson comes calling for Gasol’s services.