Paul Pierce Misses the Celtics, Might Return Next Year

NBA: Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic

Paul Pierce spent 15 seasons with the Boston Celtics. It’s natural that he would miss them. After his new team the Nets lost at Boston last night, here is what he had to say about possibly returning:

“Yeah, why not? Maybe play for them, maybe work for them,” the forward said Friday after the Nets lost to his former team, 91-84, at TD Garden.

“It’s always emotional when you step into a gym you’ve spent your whole life playing in,” Pierce said. “The tribute last time made it so much more emotional and the cheers. But every time I come into this gym, because I’m always seeing friends and people who have been around all the years, it’s always going to be emotional, because you miss them from knowing them so long.”

I understand where Paul is coming from but he could have at least waited until a day went by after losing to his former team. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Pierce finished his career or got a front office job with his old friend in Beantown.