Phil Jackson Left Lakers/Knicks Beatdown Early to Walk His Dog


Can you really blame him?

Last night Phil Jackson was in LA to watch his new team take on the Lakers. Things didn’t go so well for the Knicks and they got destroyed 127-96. It turns out that Phil didn’t need to stay to see the entire beatdown and left the game with 8 minutes and 54 seconds left to walk his dog:

When Jackson exited the elevator, he stopped to use the bathroom. Then he made his way down familiar corridors, through a door and to his car. An attendant held the driver’s door open for Jackson. Buss was in the passenger seat.

What did he have planned for the rest of the night?

“I think I’ll walk the dog,” he said.

I don’t know if Phil was telling the truth because Phil loves to take sarcastic jabs at his teams but it doesn’t really matter. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your dog than watch the Knicks?