Prairie View Coach Dawn Brown Thinks ESPN Disrespected Her Team


The SWAC conference doesn’t get much respect from mainstream media. Embarrassing situations like what happened with the Grambling football team last year and four basketball teams being ruled academically ineligible for the NCAA tournament, only make the SWAC the laughing stock of collegiate athletics.

One bright spot in SWAC athletics has been the Prairie View women’s basketball team. For the last 4 years, they have won the SWAC tournament receiving an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament as the #16 seed. They are 0-4 in those games and 3 out of the 4 times they have had to play against the powerhouse that is UCONN. Their most recent tournament game was just like the rest of them as Geno and his Huskies routed Prairie View 87-44.

During the game ESPN commentators talked about Prairie View like they were some JV team at your local high school, often showing more interest in the band than the team. This offended many PV students and fans but nobody was more offended than Prairie View’s head coach Dawn Brown who tweeted her dissatisfaction with the commentators.



I understand why Coach Brown felt so offended. Prairie View has accomplished something great by making an appearance in the NCAA tournament four times in a row. Not many teams in the country can say they have done that and they deserve to be recognized for those accomplishments. Not criticized and not treated like some kind of recreational basketball team.

It really is a shame how terrible the SWAC has gotten. Back in the 80’s this conference was full of talent and players that went on to play in the pros like Avery Johnson, Larry Smith, Purvis Short and many others. Now it is one of the worst conferences in all of collegiate athletics. I hope they can turn it around and get back to their 1980’s status when they were a respected conference.

2 thoughts on “Prairie View Coach Dawn Brown Thinks ESPN Disrespected Her Team

  • Let’s keep it real!! I watched the ESPN broadcast of that game. I felt as though they were EXTREMELY complimentary of Coach Brown and her team, about the turn around from 0-10 to come back and win their conference. As a HBCU graduate I try to watch and support all of our Teams when they come on ESPN. She needs to concentrate and focus on getting better and STOP worrying about perceived disrespect. The Halftime score of this game was 44-12, what were the announcers supposed to do, LIE? Ok they won 4 straight SWAC titles great!!! Congrats!! But the fact is they also lost EVERY GAME they played against non SWAC teams (0-11) and by an average margin of 27.9. You have never heard her predecessor complain like this or Coach Six at Hampton complain like this, and they have won WAY more games!! In my opinion the broadcast team did everything possible NOT to disrespect the Lady Panthers……. Watch the broadcast before you judge!!!

  • I would like to say congrads to coach Brown and her team for winning the SWAC and making 4 trips to the Big Dance. I commend her for fighting for her team however this wasn’t a reason to fight. I don’t think ESPN disrespected your team I agree with Mr. Curry I thought they were very gracious. I think ESPN should be commended for showing regular season SWAC basketball on ESPNU. I saw one game this year that was actually good Hampton v.s Morgan St. OT game on the Men’s side. The SWAC is really not a DI conference anymore. When DII HBCU’s and NAIA Div I or II schools are beating SWAC teams that makes my case. I can remember when Grambling or Southern would play Xavier New Orleans, Not anymore. I officiate Men’s College basketball at the NAIA and NCAA II level and I see many teams that would beat SWAC teams from those levels.

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