Preview: Danny Garcia vs. Mauricio Herrera


Danny “Swift” Garcia has reached a pivotal moment in his career.  Garcia is moving at his own pace of the pound-for-pound ladder, and this bout in Puerto Rico is the official coronation.

At just 25, the Philadelphia native is positioned to become one of the sport’s top attractions in the next few years. His father and trainer, Angel, is a native of Puerto Rico, and the father and son are aware of what the future holds for the talented boxer.  Richard Shaefer of Showtime believes his fighter is the 3rd best pound-for pound in the world behind Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward.

What is particularly impressive and why I think as well that he is obviously the Unified Super Lightweight World Champion currently, clearly the number one rated Super Lightweight boxer in the world, but in my books after Floyd and Andre Ward I believe because of what Danny has achieved cumulative, fight after fight and how he has shown how he has been dealing with speed, the fastest guy in the sport may be Amir Khan, how he neutralized that speed, he was confused, he evaded the first few rounds, but then adjusted, adapted and dominated the fight.  How he took away the power of the biggest puncher maybe in the sport, Lucas Matthysse, and how he took away the experience for maybe two of the most experienced fighters to date, next to Bernard Hopkins, Zab Judah and Erik Morales, so this guy knows how to deal with speed at the highest level, with power at the highest level, and with experience at the highest level.


Garcia is aware of his spot in the sport, and feels bitterness about not being selected to face Floyd Mayweather.  As Garcia put, “my time will come.”

You know, I let Al Haymon do what he does and I’ll let Richard do what they do.  We weren’t really pressing for the fight, we just let Golden Boy do their job and I let Al do his job.  I never question what Al does, I never question what my team does, so whoever they tell me to fight, I’ll fight and I’ll train and I’ll get ready for it.

I’m a boxer, at the end of the day I like to fight the best, so you know that’s what my manager wanted, and that’s what my team wanted, and that’s what I want.

Destiny is destiny. I’m okay with whatever happens.  Like I said before, I don’t question my manager’s job, I never did, and I think that’s why we’re in the position today where people think I should be fighting him and people think I deserve to fight because my manager and my promoter did a great job so far.  So, I think they’re doing a great job and I’m doing my job, and hopefully the fight might happen one day.


Danny Garcia has all the time in the world to become the king of boxing, but first he must get past the hard nosed and tough Mauricio Herrera.

Herrera comes into the bout with a 20-3 record with only 7 of those wins coming by TKO.  Herrera will have the advantage in height and reach, but comes into the bout 8 years older than Garcia.   Herrera is not a slouch, and actually has a win over Provodnikov on his resume, from January 2011. He’s lost his last two bouts as well.

Herrera is long, and knows how to exploit it with straight punches and lateral movement. He has a solid jab and a deceptive lead right.

He’salso an extremely durable fighter who hung tight in the pocket against the ferocious Provodnikov.  Herrera will have to be all that an more to deal with a confident Garcia who’s pump about having a whole building and country behind him.  Garcia mixes his punches well, working to both body and head and will destroy you with his left hook.

Garcia’s ability to punch efficiently and brawl should make for a great fight.  Herrera’s inability to punch with championship power should allow Garcia to feel at ease. On paper, this should be Garcia’s easiest fight since 2011. But fights don’t happen on paper.  Danny Garcia annihilated Lucas Matthysse, and he’s fully aware that his star is shining bright.  Garcia simply needs to apply pressure to Herrera, and make him feel like he should have retired already.

Garcia has almost every physical advantage here. He’s younger, stronger and quicker, with far more punching power.   This should be easy work for the man considered to be the future of boxing.