Prosecutors in 5 States Fight Over Who Can Convict Darren Sharper First

Darren Sharper Miami Rape

Aaron Hernandez has a better shot of getting off than Darren Sharper at this point. He is still innocent until proven guilty, but so many women in so many states are accusing him it is very difficult to believe he didn’t do anything wrong.

The fact none of these women knew each other and all their stories are similar have prosecutors in each of the five states he is accused of rape scrambling to be the first one to take him to trial.

LA was the first to officially charge him and now New Orleans has as well. Instead of letting Sharper turn himself in they have other plans according to TMZ.

Officials in New Orleans don’t just want Darren Sharper’s head … it seems they want to HUMILIATE the guy in public by parading him in cuffs though the streets of the Big Easy.

Sharper’s lawyers tried to get him out Friday but New Orleans prosecutors objected. We’re told they do NOT want the judge to let Sharper out on bail. They want marshals to come to L.A. … shackle him and haul him back as a prisoner.

Now here’s what’s funky. Sources tell us Sharper has agreed to fly back to New Orleans and face the charges. It makes sense, because he’s already on $1 million bail in L.A. for 2 unrelated rape charges. The judge could easily add a condition to his bail that he fly to New Orleans and return.

So why is New Orleans so crazed about making Sharper a spectacle? We’re told all 5 of the jurisdictions which are investigating Sharper are all jockeying for first position. They all want to be the first to prosecute him, and there’s already infighting between the agencies.

Expect more charges to be levied against Sharper in the other cities shortly.