Report: Raiders Like Derek Carr Over Manziel

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Johnny Manziel said the Texans passing on him would be there biggest mistake, much wasn’t said for the Raiders. According to, the Raiders have seemed to overlook the hyped QB for Derek Carr but apparently they aren’t the only team to do so.


NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said he heard from several sources at the NFL Scouting Combine thatCleveland is targeting Carr, not Manziel, in the draft, despite reports to the contrary. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times’ Sam Farmer writes Sunday in his mock draft that the Raiders left the combine with Carr ahead of Manziel on their draft board.

Farmer has the Raiders passing on Manziel to take Carr with the fifth-overall draft pick (he has Manziel going eighth to the Vikings) and writes, “The Raiders are known for their unconventional picks, so Manziel might seem like a natural fit for them. Word is, though, that they liked Carr more coming out of the combine.”

Carr has been ranked among the second tier of signal-callers and is often projected to be drafted late in the first round or early in the second, but there was a report last week that no fewer than 17 NFL quarterback coaches polled at the combine favored Carr over Manziel.