RB Who Left Combine Goes On Twitter Rant About World Ending

Adam Muema
San Diego State running back Adam Muema has gained the wrong type of fame of leaving the NFL Combine unexpectedly last month because god told him to.

Muema of course dissapeared after that, and was found several days later still wearing his combine workout gear. Ā 

Many have been concerned about Muema’s mental state, and that concern only grew worse on Monday night after Muema went on a Twitter rant that hinted at the world ending.

As Muema put it, “there won’t be a NFL season next year unless it’s on another planet.” Ā  The troubled young man wasn’t done there either.




When asked if he was worried about the world ending, Muema told his followers he wasn’t scared, because he’s seen much worse.

I think we’re past worrying about this young man’s NFL career, and now hopefully someone can get him some help.

One thought on “RB Who Left Combine Goes On Twitter Rant About World Ending

  • stop writing about the poor kid, he’s obviously had a psychological break of some kind. his life sounds like it’s circling the drain, out of his control. trying to make a joke of his problem is not funny. continuing to put his confused thinking out there for the world to critique is wrong and distasteful on your part. your writing about the guy the way you have is a disgrace to yourself and this publication!

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