Red Sox to Wear Ugly Stars & Stripes Blazers on White House Visit (Photo)



The Red Sox are set to make their White House trip next Tuesday for winning the last World Series, and unfortunately Jonny Gomes came up with the not so brilliant idea for the team to sport matching stars and stripes blazers according to CBS Sports.

Iā€™m all for patriotism and supporting our great nation, but this is a bit much. Gomes even went so far as to order a blazer for President Obama, and my guess is that this present will be in the back of his closet collecting dust for a very long time.


  1. Hope they all will be wearing sun glasses. The glare from all of them wearing that at the same time may be lethal. Well at least they have ditched the beards. Could you have imagine them dressed in that and having beards as well?

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