Report: Carmelo Has Bulls & Rockets On Top of His FA List

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The Rockets are a new team that has come into the picture within the last few weeks for Carmelo, but it is an intriguing one simply because all of their players are healthy.

The one thing with the Bulls is you don’t know if Derrick Rose will ever be the same, but the Rockets have James Harden coming into his prime and a now happy Dwight Howard.

To go to the Rockets some creative things would have to be done, but it isn’t impossible. According to WOJO, Carmelo will explore any and all options.

Anthony has free-agent options, and two have risen above everything else: Chicago and Houston, sources with direct knowledge of his plans told Yahoo Sports. The Bulls have an easier path to clear the necessary salary-cap space to sign Anthony, but the Rockets believe they can shed the contracts necessary to offer a third near-max deals alongside Dwight Howard and James Harden, league sources said.

“He’ll give New York every option,” one source with knowledge of Anthony’s plans told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday. “But he has options – and he’s going to explore them all.”

It is a tough decision for Melo. The wrong one could set his career on the Dominique Wilkins path, the right one could lead toward a title.

Curious to see what he chooses to do.

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  • Not sure if he’ll consider going anywhere else with a mastermind of a President. Phil Jackson is heavy hitter in the NBA and having him as a President for the Knicks might leave room for another scorer to gain all the accolades. I love the Rockets; they are my home team and I do think Carmelo is not enough to lead any team. He is great in scoring but as a leader for a team, he’s lacking. Coming to the Rockets would possibly give him leverage in gaining championship status because he can shine as a scorer but not have to take the burden of leading the entire team. Come check me out at

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