Report: Carmelo Unwilling to Wait until 2015 for Knicks to Rebuild


The Knicks season has been a complete disaster and even though they say they’re still fighting for the playoffs, I don’t really see the point in securing an 8 seed just to get blasted by the Heat or Pacers. So now you have to look towards the future, and that starts with the impending free agency of one Carmelo Anthony.

There has been and will be numerous speculation on what Carmelo will do from here on out until he makes a decision. I personally think the best fit for him would be with the Bulls, and apparently Joakim Noah is on the same page as me. The interesting aspect of this is what exactly matters most to Carmelo. If it’s winning, then the Bulls should be the easy choice. The roster there is immensely better and the front office has a history of putting together championship caliber teams. I can’t say the same of James Dolan in New York.

But then there is the key aspect of money. Because of the new CBA, the Knicks can offer ‘Melo the most money by far. But with contracts like Amar’e Stoudemire still on the books, they can’t do much else. At least not until after next season. Reportedly though Carmelo isn’t willing to wait.

The counterargument is that Anthony needs a better supporting cast. That is true. But the Knicks’ salary-cap situation is such that if they re-sign Anthony they’ll have to wait until 2015 to add that second star. For one, I’m hearing that Anthony’s camp is interested only in the summer of 2014. They don’t want to hear about 2015. And they’re right. Anthony will be 31 with a lot of NBA miles on his legs before reinforcements arrive.

A chance to win immediately or extra money? That’s essentially what it comes down to.