Report: Coach K Says He’ll Be At Duke At Least 5 More Years

Coach K, Luck

I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Coach K coached until he has one foot in the grave, the man is a great coach and Im sure its hard to turn away from your passion.

Duke University held a press conference today and besides sports fans wanting to know the destination on Hood and Parker, more fans are worried about their beloved Coach K. Well, folks according to Mark Armstrong of ABC, thats something you don’t have to worry about, Coach K has at LEAST five more years to make history.

Coach K has also planned to coach USA again despite reports he wasn’t, so its no surprise that he’s going to still coach at Duke. Wipe your foreheads Blue Devils, Im sure Coach K has a lot more fire in him.

While the tenure of Coach K is the focus, there was also the point of Coach K’s comments regarding the ACC, something he said he will never do again.

Quote of the day? When asking Coach K about the “one and done”… his response? “You’ll be an idiot to say no”

The Tobacco Road, ACC and NCAA can strap up, Coach K isn’t finished yet!

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