Report: DeSean Jackson “One False Step Away” From Being Cut


Blame it on Chip Kelly’s love for big receivers, DeSean Jackson’s salary or the receivers penchant for being a hard head.

Whatever the excuse, the Eagles and DeSean Jackson seem headed for a divorce.

We reported earlier in the week that DeSean Jackson could be traded or cut by the Philadelphia Eagles.   Those rumblings are now getting louder.

Those rumblings have a lot less to do with Jackson’s $10.5 million salary he’s due, and more with his attitude and penchant for a meltdown.

Geoff Mosher of explained the various rumblings during a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, where he discussed Chip Kelly’s love for big wide receivers, Jackson’s salary and Jaccpot’s off the field issues. 

The trade would be the Eagles first choice, but nobody has $10.5 million stashed for a little receiver with an attitude.  Mosher said during PFT Live that Jackson could be “one false step away” from being cut.

I wouldn’t be shocked either way.

If Jackson refuses a paycut, then he could be released.  I can’t see the Eagles giving him a new deal with new guaranteed money.  With guys like Zach Ertz on the roster who are extremely versatile, Chip Kelly can still get the matchups he wants, without D-Jax on the outside.



4 thoughts on “Report: DeSean Jackson “One False Step Away” From Being Cut

  • If DeSean Jackson gets cut, several teams would love to pick him up. One team that comes to mind is the Patriots!

  • You’re an idiot if you really believe this. Why does any one even let you write? You. Are. A. Joke.

  • Seriously bro, half this article is plagiarized or simply copied and pasted from the story on written by a certain jerk off with an axe to grind because Jackson declined to speak with him a few years ago. Those”reports” are horse Shit.. the eagles know better than that, while they may let him walk next off-season, they won’t be better off without him..

  • Sounds ike David has a man crush on Jackson why else would he write something negative about anothers comment?Jackson is a verified threat because of his speed if nothing else,Look around the league at the kid with the Broncos for example,Thats all he does is return kicks and he is smaller than Jackson,Theres also Welker and many others who are slightly built but have skills to offer,He will land somewhere Maybe not for the same money but your the joke for running your mouth and showing your ignoance!

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