Report: Joe Dumars Expected To Be Out As Pistons’ GM

Joe Dumars Offers Advice To Brandon Jennings.

He may not get replaced by Isaiah Thomas, but Joe Dumars is not expected to be Pistons GM much longer.

Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report is reporting that Dumars is beaten down by all the criticism he’s faced, and that Dumars is likely to resign or be fired at seasons end.

sources do not expect Dumars to stay in the position much longer—either he’ll step down or owner Tom Gores will go in a new direction. Dumars, one source said, is weary of the criticism he has received in trying to rebuild the Pistons after constructing a franchise that went to the Eastern Conference Finals six years in a row (2003-2008). The criticism, the source said, fails to account for a dismal Detroit economy and restraints placed on Dumars while the franchise was up for sale and ultimately changed ownership hands.

Dumars for all intents and purposes has lost the ability to evaluate and judge talent correctly.

He $58 million to Ben Gordon, $37.7 toCharlie Villanueva and $54 million to Josh Smith.  Dumars traded away Arron Afflalo and the ever flourishing Amir Johnson.

And lastly, he hired Michael Curry, John Kuester, Lawrence Frank and Maurice Cheeks.