Report: Lakers Will Wait on 2015 FA Unless LeBron Opts Out

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A lot has been made about the Lakers going after free agents when this season is over. Much of the speculation has centered around them going after Carmelo Anthony who looks like he wants out of New York after every loss.

Now word has come out that the Lakers will actually sit out of this free agent class and wait until 2015 unless of course LeBron James wants to come to LA according to Kevin Ding:

And the fact is, as of this time, that Nash will get one last chance to play next season with the Lakers, who are not planning a free-agent spending spree this summer and are therefore thinking it does not make sense to use the stretch provision to waive Nash.

Everything goes out the window if LeBron James opts out of his Heat contract and is interested in the Lakers this summer, but otherwise the Lakers plan to piece a roster together again next season aroundKobe Bryant and save their cap space for 2015 free agents such as Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo, Marc Gasol and maybe James.

This of course means the Lakers won’t contend for a title next year but long term this makes so much more sense than going after Melo just to get someone. If the Lakers get a top 5 pick this year and land say Andrew Wiggins, then in 2015 land Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo or Marc Gasol and Rondo, they would have a very competitive starting lineup.

Patience Lakers fans, if the front office plays this right, they will be back pretty soon.

2 thoughts on “Report: Lakers Will Wait on 2015 FA Unless LeBron Opts Out

  • Stop dreaming Lackers fans, Lebron will not go to Los Angeles. Do you really think Lebron is going to play for a terrible coach like D’Antoni? Do you think Lebron is going to play for a terrible owner like Jim Buss?

    • finish the sentence…… and with a terrible teammate like kobe.

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