Report: LeBron Will Look at the Knicks Now That Phil Jackson is There


Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics, Game 5

What if, Phil Jackson told LeBron if he came to the Knicks he would coach the team?

Just something to think about as you read this report from the NY Daily News.

“There’s no way LeBron would have gone to New York under the current climate,” said a James confidant. “He had a falling-out with CAA (agency) and that was a problem as well. But with Phil there I think he will look at it.” …

“Phil can help the Knicks because he gives them a face and credibility,” says a current GM. “But these big free agents are only going to a place where they feel they can win. Phil has to build something first.”

I think the only way LeBron leaves the Heat is if they lose in the playoffs and he feels their window has closed, it would be a long shot for the Knicks to acquire his services, but you never know what the Zen Master has up his sleeve.

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  1. Pat Riley has alot of work to do if he wants to keep Lebron James in Miami. I suggest getting rid of Dwayne Wade and bringing in Kyrie Irving. The NBA offseason will be very interesting.

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