Report: Michael Vick Wants Geno Smith’s No. 7 Jersey


TMZ is hot on an alleged rumor and report that the No. 7 jersey could prevent Michael Vick from signing with the New York Jets.

Vick of course has mad the No. 7 famous since his first game at Virginia Tech.   He’s gone on to NFL fame with the number and has worn it for close to 20 years now.

Geno Smith currently wears the No. 7 for the Jets, and TMZ is reporting that things could get dicey.

Sources close to Vick tell us … Mike is very serious about rocking #7 next season, no matter which team signs him.

Besides the fact he wore #7 in college and all throughout his pro career, Vick also has a clothing line called V7 — and he’s dead serious about sticking with his number.

Problem is … Geno Smith currently wears #7 … and he’s supposed to be the QB of the future in NY.

Now we’re told the jersey situation is not an absolute dealbreaker — but it will be a “big issue” in negotiations.

In other words … No number? More money.

It sounds like a rediculous report and something to get fans talking.

Vick would look like an egomaniac trying to bully a jersey number from a kid who probably idolized and looked up to him through the years.

Even if that was the case, that would be a negotiation between Vick and Geno, not the Jets.

I’ll believe this scenario when it happens.