Report: NFL Playoffs Likely To Expand To 14 Teams

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If it’s not broke why fix it?

SI’s Peter King is reporting that it’s just a matter of when the NFL will expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams, rather than if. In King’s MMQB article he stated:

“I’m hearing it’s probably a matter of when, not if. More likely than not, the league will add two playoff teams in time for the 2015 season, meaning 14 playoff teams (instead of the current 12) out of 32. I’m also hearing the league would be inclined toward one team in each conference getting a first-week bye in the postseason.”

The addition of the extra teams would change the seeding matches–with the 2 seed versus the 7 seed, 3 versus 6,  and so forth. Also, with the added Wild Card games, this would harken back to the need for a playoff game to take place either on a Friday or a Monday.

Lots of possible changes to the NFL Playoffs to come if this report proves true.