Report: NFL Teams Believe Chris Johnson Is Lazy

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

Chris Johnson may want to rethink his idea about not wanting to take a paycut to stay with the Titans.

Johnson wants to be paid like an elite running back as he enters free agency, but according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, the market for CJ2K is dwindling.

Freeman points to sources around the league who say teams simply believe Johnson is “lazy,” and doesn’t work hard.

It will be interesting to see how long Johnson is available when free agency kicks off.

One thought on “Report: NFL Teams Believe Chris Johnson Is Lazy

  • The offensive line was bad and the play calling was unimaginative but the media gives 100% blame for the running game on Chris Johnson. The guys barely weighs 200 pounds but they sent him up the middle and expected him to run over everybody and score every play. If the titans really think he is washed up then they should release him like other teams do with players they think are done. They are holding on to him because they don’t want to see him catch on early with a good team with a creative offensive coordinator. Chris Johnson is still the fastest running back in the NFL and he plays every game even through injuries. I know he will go to a team and end the season as an all pro again.

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